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Married Dating Can Be Tough if You Don’t Know How to Navigate Those Waters

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My name is Aaron and if you want to find some hot, lonely married women in your area for illicit affairs, I can lead you down that path to glory.  Why is that you ask?  Because I’m the schmuck that has tried just about every married dating website on the planet looking for affairs with married women and has found the ones that deliver the gold and been through the ones that are just flat out scams.

There are over 50 dating websites for married people online – a mind blowing number – and I have narrowed the playing field down to just 3 for you.  These are 3 of the Best Married Dating sites that will get you where you want to be and NOT leave you with an empty wallet and an even emptier calendar.

As a brief background on me (I know you’re anxious for the goods), I am married to someone who happens to be married to her job.  Can’t fault her for being successful (we both are), but we’ve no doubt drifted apart and I went looking elsewhere for some “no strings attached” fun.  It took awhile and some perseverance, but I did find it – in spades!  The journey was so frustrating at times that I decided to, at the very least, give credit to the best sites so that others can be spared the misery and scams that I had to wade through.  Trust me – about 99% of the these sites are SCAMS!

So, Keep Reading if:

  • You are looking for the Best place to find affairs with married women
  • You are unhappily married looking for women to date with no strings attached
  • You think that hooking up with a hot married woman for an illicit affair sounds like a great idea

Go ahead and Move Along if:

  • You’d rather keep signing up for married dating websites based on who has the hottest model on their homepage
  • You enjoy getting scammed by paid employees, who contact you with no intention of “hooking up”
  • You have an endless supply of time and resources to devote to your search

Well, you’re still here so, let’s get to it.  No BS Here. I’m going to give you the run down on the 3 Top Married Dating sites, what their features are and tell you EXACTLY what my experience was with each one (I DO kiss and tell).

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sexsearch reviewReview #1: is the First of the three sites that I’m going to recommend.  What!?  It’s not specifically a “Married Dating Site“, right?  No, it’s not.   Here’s the thing.   Really – Honestly – This is THE spot for it and, after the other 2 that I give you, ALL of the other ones SUCK!  Don’t go near them!   They have shit membership numbers or are just plain scams and are going to rob you blind!   Now, I said I’d give you the Top 3 and, frankly – this is the first place that I’m going to recommend – even though it’s not a “Married Dating” Site.  Why?  Because it’s not fake – there are tons of people on here just looking to get laid and really don’t give a crap whether you’re married or not.   It’s really up to you whether you want to leave that detail out of your profile or not. has been around for almost 10 Years and has over 39 Million Members – looking for Sex!   These aren’t likely people looking for their soulmates.   So, the Free Membership here gets you the Gold so to speak.  If you upload a Pic, you automatically get a Gold Membership Status.  One thing to note about a site like this is that, obviously, the male/female ratio is going to be skewed – not in our favor.  Not a problem though if you have just a little bit of “game”.  This place is hopping all the time and you’ll just need to figure out a way to set yourself apart from the crowd.  It’s not that hard to do as many of the guys on here have no idea what they’re doing.  Most are very lewd and nasty – and this is really not what most women are looking for.  Even on an adult dating site, being “direct and honest” goes a long way but being vulgar and flashing pics of your junk will get you nowhere fast.

The site has a fantastic set up and is very big on the multi-media.  Lots of IM, and video going on here.

Some of the features that the site offers include:

  • Enhanced Security
  • Live Chat
  • Block/Ignore Member
  • Favorites List
  • Webcam
  • Email
  • Message Boards
  • Virtual Winks

While registration is Free, there are Premium Membership Features that you can pay a subscription for and, trust me, many of those features are well worth it on this site. 

The Hook ups:

As I said, the membership base here is massive. I live a large metropolitan area so the choices were almost mind-boggling when I joined I browsed and found women that I was interested in and gave them a “wink”. I received about 50% back so decided to upgrade my membership to see where it took me. I ended up chatting with a number of women and even having freaky webcam sessions with two women in a row late one night!   At the end of the first week, I did hook up with a woman that I emailed with for a few weeks and we’ve gotten together several times.  I also hooked up with another girl who was a bit younger than me and that was hot!   I can tell you, without a doubt that this site has REAL women on it, it definitely does deliver and is not a scam.

You Can Try SexSearch for Free.

sexsearch free registration

Sexsearch free regstration

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affairs club reviewReview #2: is one of the largest and the best free married but looking personals sites. You can join the website for free and the process is fast and simple. Affairsclub now has over 4 million members of men and women looking to have an affair.

That’s a pretty big member base in just 4 years. Most importantly Affairs Club is very discreet and provides complete privacy. After all this is absolute a must when you are looking for an affair.  I used to have these guys at #3 but have been spending more and more time on their site and have gotten a ton of positive feedback from readers.  No scam shit here – the real deal, so they are now #2.

Their interface is sleek and sexy – I know I told you to watch out for this – but this time it’s also functional. This site pulls in the dissatisfied housewives and sex-starved wives by the thousands.

As with the majority of married dating sites, Affairs Club allows you to sign up for free. The free membership allows you to upload a profile; it also allows you to search the database of members through usernames. You can also casually browse other member’s profiles without having to pay a penny, however this is limited as you can’t see the whole profile and you can’t message (no, I didn’t say “massage”) them. You’ll have to upgrade for that.

There are different upgrade packages and Free Trials, anywhere from 1 month to Lifetime. This gives you access to all areas of the site for your married dating search, the complete profiles, webcam action, messaging, you name it.

The Hook Ups:

I had several from this site and it didn’t take very long either. It wasn’t quite as fast as with AshleyMadison, but I started with this site in 2010 and the membership has exploded since then. There is now plenty of action to be had here for sure. I actually had several women contact me the first week, which typically doesn’t happen. I ended up chatting with and hooking up with a great woman from this site one time. She was a little bit older than me and I think that she actually found someone else that she wanted to see long-term (which I’m not really looking for), so that was it.  Since then, and since I originally wrote this review, there have been several more hook ups that warrant my #1 spot for married dating sites. is definitely not a fake or scam. There are real married women on here looking to have affairs.

Check it Out Here.

Affairs Club reviewsAffairs Club Free Sign up

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ashley madison reviewReview #3: is, by far,  the most known spot on the web for this sort of activity (although I’m not crazy about the name).  If anyone has told you otherwise or has claimed that this site is a “scam”, it’s just plain not true.  In the business for 10 years, with over 7.3 million online members  – there is no question that they are one of the first places that most married women go when looking to have an affair.   Perhaps a lot of “toe dippers” (not too sure yet) in there, but they’re still there and there are plenty that are ready and looking to hook up.

Not to mention that it’s been made even more popular recently by shows such as ‘The Tyra Banks Show’, ‘Ellen’ and ‘Dr Phil’.  Now who do you think is watching those shows?  It’s sure not us!  Thanks to the coverage and attention has gained recently from U.S. chat shows, magazines, and its many visitors, the site has no shortage of members who are all eager to find someone who is seeking something similar to themselves, in a like minded and non-judgmental environment. Let’s face it – the name sucks, it’s feminine and not what you would think of for a site like this, but the fact is that the name of the site wasn’t selected to attract the guys.  It was selected specifically to be appealing to women – and isn’t that what we’re looking for?  If you are married and looking to step out, then will provide you with the extra marital fun you desire.

The site is 100% Free to join, and they make it very easy with just a few questions to answer and details to provide.  You are asked such things as whether you want “short-term” or “long-term” but there are none of those long “About Me” and Profile sections to fill out.  You can upload a personal pic and that is up to your discretion.

The Hook Ups:

I wouldn’t have on here if it didn’t deliver.  While it’s true that ALL of these sites have a skewed male/female ratio, if you look at the sheer number of subscribers that are registered here, your chances of success go up exponentially.  I signed up for the Free Membership sometime mid-week I guess and started looking through the profiles of the ladies in my area.  There were A LOT that looked active and some that I was just dying to meet. The Free membership has plenty of features but I wanted more so I upgraded to get some tokens to start chatting and email exchanging.  I had 2 solid dates set for the next week within 24 hours.  No joke.  I met one woman after work for coffee and we literally ended up in the backseat of my car behind Starbucks!  I met the other for lunch and we hooked up again later on in the week after work.  That was just the beginning of my awesome journey with AM.

Finally, if you still have any doubt, AshleyMadison actually has an “Affair Guarantee”, which you’re not going to find anyplace else.  Should you upgrade to a paid membership package, you are guaranteed to find someone within 3 months or you can ask for your money back.

Check Them Out Here. You won’t regret it.

Ashley Madison Free RegistrationAshley Madison Free Registration

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So There You Have the Best Married Dating Websites to Meet Married Women Looking for Affairs

There are Plenty of Married Lonely Women Here and You Won’t Get Scammed

What will you find on all of those other sites? Well, you are welcome to give them a shot but I can tell you from my personal experience that they are full of fake profiles and you will spend a ridiculous amount of time being strung along, probably by some guy named “Nick” that was hired by the site owners to pull in members and big bucks. These sites stay in business because they’re flashy and have hot chicks all over their ads, but they just plain don’t deliver on their promises. Don’t waste your time.

If you want to find real affairs with married women, they are out there. Trust me, I’ve met a bunch of them through these sites. Now, you’ve been given the secrets that the scammers don’t want you to know – Who the REAL players are. Creating your account is simple with any one of these three and they all offer Free Services and Free Trials so that you can easily make your own wise married dating decision.

Now it’s time for you to get in the game. What are you waiting for?

“Of Course I Want To Get Started – It’s Free!”

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